A wide range of HyGrade pull type graders

3 Point/Gooseneck (5th Wheel) Adapter

The 3 point adapter can save you hundreds of dollars in repair expense, downtime, and unneeded abuse to your pickup when your tractor can easily pull the trailer through the snow, mud or off-road conditions.

  1. The 3 point adapter is built heavy-duty for rugged off-road use!
  2. Comes complete with a 2 5/16" ball with 1 1/4" shank and 3 hardened pins for your 3 point.
  3. Has accommodations for a 1 7/8" ball, 2" ball, or a pin-hitch to pull bumper hitch trailers.
  4. The 3 point adapter will also fit Quicktach hitches.
A wide range of HyGrade pull type graders

Some of the handy uses for the 3 point adapter.

  1. Pulling a grain trailer as a grain cart in muddy conditions.
  2. Pulling your stock trailer around the farm yard in the snow or mud.
  3. Pulling a bale trailer eliminates the need to use your pickup and tractor when going to and from the hay field.
  4. Pulling a water trailer when spraying, using the tractor in off-road conditions.
  5. Pulling a gravity box trailer and allowing the tractor's hydraulics to operate bunk feeder.
  6. Pulling bumper hitch trailers of all types.
  7. Pulling seed tenders to your field.
  8. There are many other uses that will save your pickup and make the job much easier.

A wide range of HyGrade pull type graders