Combine Header Trailer

Standard Header Trailer.

These heavy-duty trailers will haul straight, flex, pick-up, corn, and all-crop heads.

  1. New 7.00 X 15, 8 ply highway tread tires.
  2. 4" x 8" x 5/16" main beam 35' long.
  3. 3 brackets that are adjustable up and down, in and out, and forward and back.
  4. Adjustable heavy-duty axle.
  5. Heavy-duty jack.
  6. Drop pin hitch.
  7. Two adjustable pads for corn, all-crop, and pickup heads.

Options Available are :

  1. 2" ball coupler with safety chains.
  2. Narrow or Wide 4-wheel option.
  3. All options can be added at any time to any trailer.
Standard trailer with optional narrow dolly.

All trailers and optional equipment are painted black.

Narrow front 4 wheel option for Combine Header Trailers.

  1. Gooseneck Design - Wheels will turn past 90 degrees for sharp turns.
  2. Each wheel can oscillate independently over rocks, holes, furrows etc. while keeping both tires on the ground... allowing for a smoother ride and less stress on spindles.
  3. Easily converts our 2 wheel header trailer to a 4 wheel trailer with only 3 bolts.
  4. Comes standard with 7.00x15, 8 ply highway tires.
  5. Each hub and spindle is rated for 3500 lbs.
  6. Has a drop pin hitch.
  7. Built heavy-duty with 3/8 wall tubing.
  8. Painted black and decaled.

Trailer equipped with narrow front 4 wheel option.

Each wheel oscillates independently.